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This Week’s New Educational Apps

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Image of LEGO Star Wars Battle Orders from iTunes


  • Today only – Pepi Bath is a free download. Read our take on this fun little app here. The paid version is usually $1.99, so grab it while you can! iOS only.
  • Kingdom of Plants is an iPad-only guide to the Kew Gardens. It’s “hosted” by David Attenborough, the British naturalist and broadcaster, and includes “PlantTime” time-lapses that let you get a glimpse into the lifecycle of certain plants. The app accompanies a TV series to be broadcast in the next couple of weeks.
  • LEGO and Star Wars together? It’s a nerd’s dream come true! LEGO Star Wars Battle Orders is no educational in the strictest sense…but it does look like a lot of fun. Released this week, this free app lets you join the rebel alliance, fighting the dark side as a LEGO version of Anakin Skywalker. iOS only.
  • Parents of young kids, take note: someone’s created an app to entertain children on long flights. 101 Ideas: flying with kids is a new app that offers games, riddles, activities and more that can help keep children from becoming cranky while stuck in a seat for five hours. It also has tips for parents. iOS.
  • If you’re sick of seeing baby photos and updates on Facebook, this app is a great one to suggest to your friends. 23snaps is an app that lets proud parents share photos, videos and milestones with a network of interested friends and family members. It’s safer than other social networking sites, because users must subscribe to get updates. This means that friends who aren’t interested in Sarah’s first day of kindergarten aren’t subjected to a stream of photos, and doting grandparents can indulge as much as they like. Free.
  • CNET Global for Android is a handy app that keeps users up-to-date on all tech and gadget news. CNET is a top (and trusted) resource for gadget reviews and this free app is a handy way to search for new tech products you may want to buy, as well as being easy to use.

Image of LEGO Star Wars Battle Orders from iTunes

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