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Learn The Alphabet And Math With An All-In-One App


Preschool app, activities

This app features 15 different tasks to help preschoolers learn the alphabet and basic math skills.


Deepak Demiwal’s Preschool:15 in 1 app for the iPhone includes a feature-packed arsenal of 15 activities and games for building a foundation for young learners’ spelling and basic mathematic skills. Its colorful layout and voice feedback make it easy for preschoolers to learn the alphabet, proper letter formation and numbers from one to nine. Most of the activities within this app are useful to develop these skills and engage children in a fun way at the same time. There is plenty of positive reinforcement after completing each task successfully and the interface is easy to use despite the large collection of programs within the app.

There are 15 tasks in total, with the main menu displaying eight categories to choose and including sub-categories for each section. The main categories are My First Step, Learn to Write, My First Word, Sketch Book, Animal Kingdom, Maths, Games and the Calendar.


My First Step


This section of the app hones kids’ skills for recognizing every letter of the alphabet along with numbers zero to nine. There are three sub-sections: Alphabets, Numbers and Jumbled Up.

In the Alphabets section, when a letter is selected from the alphabet board layout, a graphic pops up that displays the upper and lower case versions of the letter, plus three images starting with that letter. For instance, if the letter ‘A’ is selected, then an ant, apple and airplane will show up below an uppercase ‘A’ and a lowercase ‘a’. If any of the graphics are touched then the narration is activated to improve the child’s recognition of the sound the letter makes.

Similarly, in the Numbers section, if you select one of the numbers from zero to nine, a graphic will pop up displaying the number along with an image of an object that relates to it. For example, if the number five is tapped, then five cars will appear next to the number. When you tap the cars, the narration will say “five cars.”

The last section of My First Step is called Jumbled Up. When you open this area, there is a layout that scrambles all of the letters and numbers together on the lower portion of the board. The goal is to drag the numbers and letters into the appropriate placeholder on the top half of the board. This improves children’s scanning skills and gets them to locate the correct characters.


Learn to Write


In the Learn to Write section of this app, children can improve their ability to write letters A to Z and numbers zero to nine. In both the letter and number sections, the layout provides an area where you can trace the character with your finger to form it properly. For the letters of the alphabet, each one has a graphic of a corresponding object that the user can relate directly to the letter. The user can also select a color from a palette to change the color of each letter they trace. Every time a letter or number is formed correctly, the narration congratulates the user.


My First Word

In the My First Word section, children can learn to spell and say random objects that appear on the screen. Upon entering this area of the application, a graphic will appear of an animal, an item of food or another simple object with the word below it. The goal is to spell the word by matching up the letters that appear randomly below the correct spelling of the object. If the letters are matched up correctly, a new task will be presented.


Sketch Book

This area of the application is just a basic sketchbook where kids can draw on a blank screen by selecting different colors from a palette. It even also allows you to import pictures from your own personal photo library or from the app’s collection. Even though it is not the most educational part of the app, kids can still have fun drawing and tracing.


Animal Kingdom


When you enter the Animal Kingdom area of the application, there are a total of 56 different animals displayed in two sections. After tapping one of the animal icons, the narration will say the name of the animal. Then the selected animal will pop out from the screen and a sound effect of the animal’s signature noise can be heard. So be sure if the lion is tapped to watch out for its mighty roar!



The Math section is a very basic addition and subtraction test that displays four multiple-choice answers to the questions provided. There are ten random questions to be completed, and by the end of the test the user will receive a score.




There are three games included in the app: Hangman, Match2 and Fun Exam. In Hangman, there is not actually a “man” to “hang,” but the concept is the same. There are blank letter spots on a chalkboard that must be filled within nine attempts. A picture of the object to be spelt is displayed and the child must spell the word by tapping a letter from ‘A’ to ‘Z’. A star is erased every time an incorrect letter is chosen. If the user spells the word before all of the stars are erased, he or she is congratulated.

In Match2, there are three levels of difficulty to choose from, but the objective is the still same. After selecting a level, a series of cards are displayed with a picture on the reverse. All of the cards have a matching picture that pairs up with another picture in the group. Only one picture is displayed when a card is tapped so the aim is to test your memory and match it with its identical match.

Fun Exam tests kids’ ability to recognize colors and shapes. When the exam starts, there are four colors shown on the paper and the user must select the color given by the narration. After running through a series of color questions, shapes will appear and the user’s knowledge of them is tested.




The last section of the application teaches children the days of the week and months of the year. For the days, a song melody sings out as a train passes by displaying Sunday through Saturday on top of each passenger car. Similarly, if the month option is selected, then the train will run from January through December along the tracks while the user can sing along to the tune.

The Preschool app is loaded with engaging activities to keep kids interested in achieving a variety of different letter and number tasks. The bright colors and words of encouragement along with the sound effects make it attractive for young learners while keeping things relatively straightforward. The 15 exercises provide a variety of challenges to develop children’s confidence recognizing and forming letters on their own while also improving their number skills in the mathematic activities along the way.




Good Point The bright colors, sound effects and positive reinforcement of the narration help guide children through each exercise.
Bad Point There aren’t any number or letter formation guides to follow in the writing section. The app has no way of recognizing if the letter was printed properly either.
Comments & Tips To return to the main menu for some of the options, you need to tap the edge of the screen.


App Name Preschool: 15 in 1 Preschool: 15 in 1 for iPhone - Deepak Demiwal Developer Deepak Demiwal
Price Free Latest Update December 18, 2011
User Age Preschool Category Education
Size 42.5MB OS iOS 3.0 or later







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