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Make Your Slowpoke Move Faster With Quick Kids

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This simple but smart app gives kids an incentive to do their chores.


As every parent knows, getting children to do chores (or even just to put things in their proper place) can involve a combination of tricks, demands and outright begging. Quick Kids was created by a parent as a way to give kids an incentive to get things done faster.

Your kids’ chore chart just got an upgrade

The set-up is simple: you create a profile for each child, entering their name and a photograph. Set the timer for an appropriate amount of time (see the neat timer design below). Have your child tap the Start button, and – hopefully – watch them race about, trying to complete their task before time runs out.



Here’s where the incentive comes in. If the child finishes his or her task before the timer runs out, he/she gets a star:


Adults can set the star chart at however many boxes they like (in multiples of six, up to 36 boxes). It’s up to you to decide ahead of time what the reward will be for filling up the star chart.

Our conclusions

Suggested uses for this app, in addition to crossing some items off those lists of chores, include using it as a timer for study sessions or instrument practice. The combination of a timer plus the prospect of a reward for completing the star chart make a pretty good incentive for kids to get stuff done. We liked that this app was easy to use and not loaded up with unnecessary frills, and think that many parents will find it a useful substitute for nagging.



Good Point Having kids tap the start/stop button themselves lends a nice note of interactivity.
Bad Point This kind of app is only going to work for young kids, but we’ll take it!
Comment & Tip We’d suggest agreeing on the reward with your child ahead of time in order to avoid conflict late on!






App Name Quick Kids Quick Kids - Quick Kids Developer L. Gray
Price Free at time of review Latest Update December 9, 2011
User Age 4 and up Category Lifestyle
Size 9.5MB OS iOS 3.1.3 or later





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All images captured from Quick Kids

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