“We built our product as a full-fledged educational after-school program rather than just a stand alone fun or educational app.”


For those who don’t know your app yet, what’s it about?

Agnitus is an adaptive learning program for children 2-6 years old and is aligned with the Common Core State Standard curriculum guidelines. The program progresses at each individual child’s pace so that each child has a custom learning experience based on their current skill level and learning pace. The most powerful part of the program is the data and real time progress monitoring which allows teachers and parents to monitor the child’s performance, current accomplishments and areas of struggle. Teachers and parents can email or run a report card at anytime on their child, allowing it to be easily shared to bring them together on a child’s education.

The app is very original and contains many games that stimulate different skills. Which kind of exercises would you like to add to the app?

Our development roadmap is based on curriculum. We started out with foundational skills for pre-schoolers such as shapes, colors, and memory. We now cover kindergarten & first grade skills that include phonics, numbers, tracing, counting, and more. We are already working on delivering additional advanced skills such as advanced number line, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, skip counting, blending, spelling and more.We will continue to expand and grow the curriculum one grade at a time.


What was the most difficult phase in developing an app and making it available on the market?

Building high quality content is always difficult and for us it was even more difficult because our app needed to be both fun and educational since kids have a very short attention span.

How do you differentiate your product from similar applications?

We built our product as a full-fledged educational after-school program rather than just a stand alone fun or educational app. We have incorporated Common Core like no one had done before with an app and we used hard data to improve our learning engine.

Why are you only available on the AppStore? Are you planning on making the app available on other platforms?

Although we are currently only available on iTunes, we are working toward making it available on Android devices. We’re planning to release Agnitus for Android devices in the fall of this year.

With the current version of the app you focus on children from preschool and kindergarten. Are you considering extending your range to older children?

Yes, our goal is to cover the entire curriculum up to middle school.

The app is free; which business model do you have to obtain profits?

Our recent announcement, Agnitus 1:1, only makes the app free for teachers, not for parents. We have a subscription model where parents pay us per month and receive access to all our current and future skills along with great features like data backup, report cards, online reports and weekly email reports.

Are you approaching schools to use the app in the classroom? How do schools react to your application?

Yes, that’s what the Agnitus 1:1 program is all about. We want Agnitus to be available for free to all teachers with access to iPads in their classroom, so we’re aggressively working with schools to put Agnitus in their classrooms. A number of schools are already using the app and their response has been amazing.

The CEO of Agnitus, Mr. Azhar Khan was very successful in multiple software companies. What made him focus on an educational app like Agnitus?

Azhar has two kids and as a father he was struggling with the same issues as many parents when it comes to apps. There are so many to choose from and many of them are actually not educational. He wanted to develop an app that really is educational, but is also fun for kids to use.

What advice would you give too start-up app-developers?

I would give two tips. It’s best to focus on just a few things and don’t compromise on quality.



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