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Bingo, Bugs and Games: Math Bingo Makes Math Drills Fun


cool math games

Captured from Math Bingo


This useful app teaches math skills using a fun bingo format and offers a couple of games as rewards for correct answers.

As anyone who’s ever been to third grade will remember, math drills aren’t much fun. Still, sometimes it’s the only way to really get the basics down. More enjoyable than flashcards, Math Bingo adds a good dose of entertainment to solving basic math problems, and throws in a couple of games for good measure.

The format is fairly simple. You’re presented with a bingo board of numbers, and a series of math problems appear at the top. Tap the correct answer on the board and it’ll be covered by a “Bingo Bug”. When you’ve got five in a row, you finish the game with a “Bingo” and if your score is high enough, you’ll be rewarded with your own Bingo Bug (more on those in a moment).


cool math games

Captured from Math Bingo


This app focuses on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For each bingo game, you can choose one of these or a mix of all four. If you choose addition, for example, all the questions asked will be addition ones. This is a good feature if your child is having a particular problem with, say, division, but he or she doesn’t need revision in other areas. Set the difficulty level at easy, medium or hard, and away you go.

If you answer a question incorrectly, the answer is displayed at the bottom of the screen, but it’s not very noticeable. It would be nice if the app made it more apparent, as it’s currently quite easy to ignore and just continue with the next problem.

Bingo Bugs!

The games are timed, which determines your score. Your total for each game is the number of seconds it took you to get “Bingo” plus an additional two seconds for every wrong answer. Obviously, the lower the score the better, but the game calls good scores “high scores”. If you get a high score, you’re awarded a Bingo Bug, one of a number of very appealing cartoon bugs. When you’ve got one, tap “My Bingo Bugs” and a screen appears that shows your bug or bugs in an empty box; you can tilt the screen and tap the bugs to make them move around. It’s not the most exciting of games, but it feel like a reward after you’ve been problem-solving.


cool math games

Captured from Math Bingo


Even if you haven’t played before (and therefore haven’t accumulated any Bingo Bugs), the game will still offer you the “My Bingo Bugs” option, which leaves you tapping and tilting an empty screen. They’d do better to take this option away and then surprise you with it when you earn your first Bingo Bug. Still, this is a small flaw in what is otherwise a very useful and fun learning app.

Correct answers are rewarded with games

Another game you can play once you’ve earned a Bingo Bug or two is Bingo Bug Bungee, a sort of Angry Birds-esque game that involves catapulting your bugs to collect coins. Again, it’s fun but not hugely compelling, which is a good point – if the game is too exciting, kids will never go back to the math problems.

The range of difficulty in the equations (from 1+4 in the Easy setting to 323/17 in the Hard setting) is an excellent feature, as your child can move on to harder problems once he or she has mastered the easier ones. The Bingo Bugs themselves are cute and the bingo board set-up makes answering math problems much more fun. For early elementary school students this should be a fun and beneficial application.


Images captured from Math Bingo.


Good Point Offers puzzles of varying levels of difficulty.
Bad Point Wrong answers are inconspicuous and easily ignored.
Comment Adds fun to math drills and encourages repeat play




App Name Math Bingo Math Bingo - Developer
Price $.99 Latest Update March 10, 2011
User Age 6 to 8 years Category Education
Size 7.1MB OS iOS3.0 or later

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    ラビビューのmishna、注文純度(taharot)、論文試練(negaim)、チャプター3:01に示されている。 全くタルムード、バビロニアやエルサレムのどちらかがこの論文ではありません、ラビ裁定の推論が失われたそう。 しかし、可能性の高いロジックはマイモニデスのMishneトーラー、注文純度、セクションハンセン(tsaraot)、第9章でMishne L’メレクの解説で再構成されています。 私はあなたにここに要約を惜しまないでしょう。


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    のmishnaの時以来少なくともユダヤ教の伝統がnonJewsがtumatmetを除いて、 儀式の不純物、I、E、tumah、影響を受けやすいことを考慮していない、tumahは死体によって伝え。 それは亡命前にエリシャがどのレフに従って続いている別の伝統があったことが考えられます。 13時02分より、文字通り取られたと アダム(詩の最初の単語)は、任意の人間を意味するように読まれた、イスラエル人かどうか、またはそのエリシャがでナショナリスト論争に対して継続普遍の財政状態計算書を作っているかもしれません イスラエルの神学。

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    ナアマンは、イスラエル人であるかのようにナイーブhypothesesthatはナアマンの全体の物語は、イスラエル社会の参照の文化枠内から言われており、nonIsraeliteとして彼に儀式純度及び不純物の概念のいくつかの実際の不適用は、単に無視されます [url=][/url] 。

    OTで taharahという言葉は、物理的な清浄度の現代思想に接続されていません。 一般的な英語の翻訳は、 清潔としてそれをレンダリングしますが、それは儀式や精神的な意味で清潔です。

    中世のコメンテーター(らしの学生)あまりにこの質問を、古代のコメンテーター(Hazal)がない。 残念なことに、どちらの答えの方法で多くを提供していない。 ヘブライBibleRashi、Radak、Metsudatデビッド、Metsudat Tsion、またはRalbagの Mikraot Gedolot版​​、通常のコメンテーターのいずれにおいても、ミドラーシュYalkut Shimoniの中で、またAbarbanelでこの質問には何もありません。 RIFは(通常Abarbanelとともに公開)ナアマンのらい病のとヨルダン川へ下って行くの意味の美しい、精神的な説明を提供しますが、ハンセン病の不純物が最初の場所でナアマンに適用できる方法については説明しません。
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    Balinghai Beach Resort
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    As I said, Nusa Dua namely entire almost elegance plus this makes it the absolute situation to take avail of traditional Balinese massage plus Indonesian spa treatments. Nusa Dua too boasts incredible restaurants by its many resorts and a cocktail from one of its beachfront bars longing be hard to seashore If you?re in Nusa Dua, it?s period apt put aboard your pampering trousers plus forget for a meantime almost the elevated cost label it carries with it!
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    Best Western Boracay Tropics Resort
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    Las Vegas Hotel Renovations And New Promotional Specials
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    Best Western Boracay Tropics Resort
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    Then, of course you ambition have a nice culling of sandwiches plus additional types of food Whatever you are within the mood for you want have it within Stuart.
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    Nusa Dua namely the absolute place apt indulge your worship of water sports, with the resorts offering everything from sailing, jet-skis plus kayaking apt para sailing plus jet-boats. It?s a water-lover?s heaven and the crystal-clear waters tell any movement on the open seas a delight.
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    So, what include the items you’ll be skillful to do during your Alaska holiday The following is often a meek account.
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    If you deficiency your quite own private coast the Panoly Resort Boracay Hotel namely total for you. The district namely comprised of four hectares,plus the resort actually sits aboard its own private domain, away from onlookers plus additional beachcombers. The resort?s layout namely singular with eight octagonal clusters with 5 bungalows every and a 4-storey tavern with 47 rooms and 8 VIP suites. Each apartment and suite namely fully-air conditioning,hot plus chilly showers, cable TV, a mini bar,and complimentary coffee and tea. For recreation, guests can enjoy a dip in the swimming tarn a game of tennis,basketball alternatively seashore voleyball,plus even a reef walking excursion.
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    Some of these trips to continue according the coast,meantime apt the additional wines. You are capable to even treaty tours that combine hiking in peppery atmosphere balloon apt land and settlement surrounded amid the many zone inns mattress and breakfast for a romantic weekend amid California wine.

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    (i) The ports this kind of for Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway beckon folks from entire more than the planet apt are available visit the property and participate of its uniqueness. These ports cater a huge numeral of experience experiences, this type of for viewing the fjords, viewing bears for the shores and even viewing whales inside of the ocean.
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    As I said, Nusa Dua is always almost elegance plus this makes it the absolute situation to take avail of traditional Balinese massage plus Indonesian spa treatments. Nusa Dua likewise boasts incredible restaurants at its many resorts plus a cocktail from one of its beachfront bars longing be hard apt coast If you?re among Nusa Dua, it?s period apt put aboard your pampering jeans plus forget for a while almost the elevated cost tag it carries with it!
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    Serangan Island
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    As distant for Bali accommodation goes Nusa Dua namely up by the steep annihilate merely whether you?re looking for elegance you really cannot work past it. With surplus archive deals accessible than you can goad a stick at Nusa Dua offers the absolute indulgent getaway?once you return you?ll be refreshed, rejuvenated plus prepared apt take aboard real life again?although you may not paucity apt!
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    Individuals think that within order to linger in a grace hostel they should to pay hundreds of dollars per night. This misperception namely understandable since you may discern prices of three and four hundred dollars a night posted aboard their Websites. And you must acknowledge staying surrounded these types of places does acquaint you feel somewhat prefer royalty. But immediately you don’t absence to disburse so much apt do it.
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    Alta Vista de Boracay
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    Nusa Dua is the utter location to indulge your admire of water sports, with the resorts offering everything from sailing, jet-skis and kayaking to para sailing and jet-boats. It?s a water-lover?s heaven plus the crystal-clear waters make any play aboard the open seas a rejoice.
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    (i) The ports this kind of for Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway beckon folks from entire more than the planet apt are available visit the property and partake of its uniqueness. These ports cater a big digit of experience experiences, this type of for viewing the fjords, viewing bears for the shores and even viewing whales inside of the sea.
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    If you already live in Stuart,brain out to the nearest cafeteria plus enjoy a banquet If you are traveling apt the district paperback a dormitory at a Treasure Coast hostel plus subsequently get ready to excavate amid apt the luxurious treats available surrounded the city.
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    The Panoly Resort Boracay Hotel
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    Each of these modes are amid the San Francisco area and each offers something valuable for those who are interesting. Not merely opinions yet likewise the experience itself acquaint this junket an unforgettable cruise Although this namely not your glass of tea, you can find someone who travels with them apt the memory of a lifetime and a greater gift that can really give a people.
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    Tropicana Hotel Wing Implosion
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    Best Western Boracay Tropics Resort
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    Serangan Island
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    This AAA-accredited Boracay roadhouse boasts of 44 well-appointed rooms plus suites, with the Premier Suite having a kitchenette and receiving area All accommodations have air conditioning, a mini bar, a private shower, cable TV,and one in-room safe To be capable apt really relax plus be pampered, the resort likewise has its own spa plus knit service,while kids can enjoy the game dormitory alternatively a dip within the giant bean-shaped swimming tarn.

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    Nusa Dua is the perfect situation apt indulge your adore of water sports, with the resorts offering everything from sailing, jet-skis plus kayaking to para sailing and jet-boats. It?s a water-lover?s paradise plus the crystal-clear waters make anybody play on the open seas a rejoice.
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    (iii) The weather within Alaska namely purely gorgeous. The cool tingles the toes and namely usually a wonderful refreshing adapt from maximum additional components among the world where the temperatures are steadily rising.
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